The Ghavi-Helm Laboratory

for Developmental (Epi)Genomics


In eukaryotes, the complex regulation of temporal- and tissue-specific gene expression is controlled by the binding of transcription factors to enhancers, which in turn interact with the promoter of their target gene(s) via the formation of a chromatin loop. Despite their importance, the properties governing enhancer function and enhancer-promoter loops in the context of the three-dimensional organization of the genome are still poorly understood.

In this context, our group applies an interdisciplinary approach, combining genetics, genomics, and computational biology, including novel single-cell techniques, using Drosophila embryogenesis as a model system. We aim at establishing a unique view of the functionality of enhancer-promoter interactions in a developing embryo, a significant step towards understanding the link between chromatin organization and transcription regulation.

Latest news

05/2021: Baptiste obtained a IADoc@UdL PhD fellowship to stay in our team as a graduate student in the fall. Congrats!!!

03/2021: We welcome Damien, our new lab manager!

02/2021: We welcome Margarita and Baptiste, our new Master2 students!

01/2021: We are recruiting a technical assistant / lab manager. More info here.

12/2020: The EquipEx+ "Spatial-Cell-ID" project, to buy equipement and develop spatial transcriptomics projects has been funded!

12/2018: We obtained a "Projet Emergent" grant from the ENS for a collaborative project with Cédric Vaillant

08/2018: We are hiring a postdoctoral fellow. More info.

09/2017  The lab is now funded by the ERC Starting grant!

07/2017   The lab is now funded by the ATIP-Avenir program!

12/2016   We are hiring! Come join this new adventure :)  More info.

12/2016   The lab is now funded by the Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale "Amorçage de Jeunes équipes" program! Stay tuned for job offers to come.